Jim Lussier

Founder and President

Jim has been in the Siding industry since 2001 when he started his first Exterior Siding Company moving out on his own in 2007 was when he started Exterior Finishes LLC since then he has been dedicated to providing great services for his customers and a great work environment for his employees. James also enjoys giving back to the community he lives in and has been coaching youth sports since 2003 and is currently the Running Backs coach for the Lake Stevens Viking High School Football Team.

Shaun Gallimore

Multi-Family Operations Manager

Shaun has been with Exterior Finishes since 2010 and currently runs the Multi-Family division. Shaun has great leadership ability and has done a wonderful job since being moved into his role in late 2017. Shaun is a family man but when he can he enjoys Hunting and golf in his spare time and has also given back to his community in many ways including a successful career in coaching a variety of different sports including, Football, Baseball and Basketball.

Shane Smith

Single Family Chief Estimator and Purchasing Agent

Shane has been with Exterior Finishes since 2013 and currently runs all single family estimating and purchasing. Shane does a fantastic job at cost control to ensure we are purchasing products at the best levels possible. Shane is a great family man and avid Seattle Sports fan and like most of our team enjoys giving back to his community in any way he can. 

Sally Timm

Accounting / Safety Manager

Sally has been with Exterior Finishes for the most part since 2007. She does a great job of handling our accounting and safety. She works hard with our customers to make sure they have all the documentation needed and heads up our safety department to help make sure all our employees make it home safely each day. Sally is another employee who loves giving back and has been involved in numerous community activities over the past 20 years.

Dave Brown

Sr. Multi-Family Superintendent.

Dave has been with Exterior Finishes since 2012, You will find Dave managing some of our most complex Multi-Family projects. Dave vast knowledge of the different cladding products and ability to work with many different third-party consultants has pushed him to the top when it comes to Multi-Family Management. Dave is a family man but also enjoys Camping, Fishing, Smoking different foods and has been giving back to his community with coaching many different sports since he move to Lake Stevens in 2010.

Cliff Mangan

Single Family Production Manager

Cliff has been with Exterior Finishes since 2011 and currently heads up all single-family production. He does an awesome job at making sure we have crews where they need to be on the scheduled days they should be there. Cliff is a great family man and enjoys traveling with his family and friends when not busy at work.

Ken Withem

Single Family Superintendent

Ken has been with Exterior Finishes since 2012 and has proven extremely valuable since day one. He handles most of our South end Single-Family Production managing all our different crews as those move through our extremely busy schedule.  Ken enjoys making honey in his spare time and owns many bee hives.

Steve Jacobs

Single Family Superintendent 

Steve has been with Exterior Finishes since 2018 and has quickly become irreplaceable, his knowledge of the industry and ability to adapt to any situation is invaluable to the company. Steve handles much of our North end Single-Family crews and does a great job making sure our customers get the up most quality control. When Steve is not hard at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf.

Brett Sudderth

Multi-Family Superintendent

Brett has been with Exterior Finishes since 2017 and manages our Multi-Family projects. Brett does a great job with coordinating the different crews around his projects and managing the many different materials that go along with that. He brings his projects in under budget and on time. When Brett is not hard at work, he enjoys raising his chickens and spending time with his family.